Revive Employee Support

  "Support when you need it" 


                              "Helping Employers support their Employees"

Relationships at work when problems arise do not have to be complex, we can help you understand and take the complexity out of what seems to be a difficult situation and make things more simple

Sharlene Crosswell - Founder Revive Employee Support 


Productivity is important for any company and organisation. So we are here to help. It is important to any company that

employees feel safe within the workplace so they remain assets to their employer. Helping by supporting staff, will provide a positive and healthy service for your customers and business partners

How we support you as an employer


  • Refer to other supportive organization's that could help your both yourself and your employee
  • Make contact with your Employees on a regular basis i.e. Monthly,Quarterly  to ensure all is going well at work and if        they are presenting with any difficulties as work    
  • On call 24/7 for employees if they require support
  • Identify and find resolutions to issues that may arise before it escalates
  • Provide support by being a third person in meetings if required, to share ideas and another 

          perspective of any situation

  • Peer support available for your employees who have lived experience in mental health and distress                                   
  • Conduct annually employee satisfaction surveys for your workplace
  • Meet with you and your employee for a coffee/ tea  

      somewhere separately and then together to discuss issues in confidence   

  • Provide note taking at individual staff members meetings if required  
  • Be available to provide a service at short notice if needed
  • Support HR team by working alongside them and creating effective working relationships with staff members

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Our Story

Why it’s good for business to care about

Mental wellbeing in your workplace

Improved Productivity

Did you know being happy at work increases productivity by 12% if that doesn’t sound like much think again! An Australian study has found that workers at three times more effective workers then the least healthy

It’s good for business

For every $1 spent on organisational wellbeing it has a return of $5 or even as high as $9. Price Waterhouse Coopers showed an average of $2.30 for every $1 invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace

Is NZ Law

In New Zealand Law, Employers are responsible for the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff. You can refer to Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 which states businesses must take reasonably practicable steps to protect health and prevent harm at work, including psychological harm.

It means a lot to your workers

Having your wellbeing taken into consideration is a huge motivator for choosing a job. It’s not all about how much you are getting paid. It is about how you feel in a workplace and the job you are doing that counts. Retaining staff because they have a great morale saves a lot of money in the long run

More Revenue Building

Effective workplaces that consider their staff’s mental health have proven to have a positive impact financially on business’s.  It has been shown to reduce staff turnover up to 46%!!

Why Employers should Care  – BULLYING, HEALTH & SAFETY, EMPLOYMENT

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