" We coach employees who are feeling overwhelmed in the workplace so they can FEEL emotional freedom" 

Revive Employee Support coaches and guides you to overcome challenges whether personal or within the workplace and find positive resolutions.

The workplace should provide us with a safe and happy environment to use our skills and passions for the mutual benefit of the organisation and employee. 

Unfortunately, that is not always the case and there are times when perhaps negative relationships, situations and conflicts arise that can result in overwhelm.

It is difficult to know who to turn to in these situations and it is for that reason that is how Revive Employee Support was created. We walk alongside you and provide you with strategies and ongoing support to overcome difficulties and move forward to a more peaceful and enjoyable future.

Firstly, we listen and provide reassurance and encouragement. We can intervene on your behalf if needed or simply enable you to find your voice to resolve the situation yourself. You decide on the way that you would like to progress.

As well as one on one coaching and workshops, we provide a very affordable membership option which gives you the benefit of being able to draw on this support should the occasion arise. We also provide resources to build confidence and ability to avoid those challenging workplace situations.

Revive offers you reassurance, encouragement, values, intervention, voice and empowerment.

Becoming a member with Revive Employee Support you know you always have someone ready to support you when overwhelm hits!

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I truly know how difficult it is to go to work with things going on at home 

and then face a busy day being 

confronted with challenges at work. We understand this and are here to

support you so you no longer 

feel vulnerable."

Sharlene Crosswell  

Revive Employee Support CEO